Guided tours and workshops can take place again under a number of conditions.
Disposable masks are on sale at the ticketing counter for 1€ apiece.
The headsets used for the guided tour are disinfected between each use.
We thank you in advance for consulting and following the hygienic measures in place.



  • Workshop Growing up

    Growing up


    2nd-3rd level primary school
    kids 9-12

  • Muziki


    2nd year & 2nd-3rd level primary school
    kids 7-12

  • Birthday workshop


    Kids 7-12


Young people

Outside activities for secondary school are strictly limited under the current yellow-scenario.
Our youth activities are therefore temporarily suspended.

  • Workshop Music on the move

    Music on the move

    1st-2nd-3rd level secondary school
    teenagers 12-18

  • workshop history

    Congo-Belgium: a complex history

    Workshop history

    2nd-3rd level secondary school
    teenagers 17-18