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6 archives found for 'Parminter, William Georges'
  • 5822.

    "The Congo Free State. Truth About Mr. [William Georges] Parminter" [letter to the Editor by 'an Englishman'], The Belgian Times, 11-09-1896
  • 5136.

    Death announcement William-Georges Parminter, Brussels, 01-02-1894
  • 1033.

    Letter from William Georges Parminter to HMS, informing him of the death of Henri Wensel, three more cases of smallpox among the Zanzibaris, Expédition internationale du Haut-Congo, Vivi, 20-01-1884
  • 1148.

    Letter from William G. Stairs to HMS, mentioning his having received from Khamis Nyika (a man of Tippu Tip) one of the mails for the EPRE, Tabora, 10-09-1891
    Note: Enclosed letter (with envelop) from William Georges Parminter to HMS, Stanley Falls, 21-02-1889
  • 1908.

    Letter from HMS to William Hoffman, "I have now a baby son [Denzil]", begging him to inform whether there is any truth in William Georges Parminter's allegations about cruelty of Belgian Congo officers, London, 17-09-1896
  • 1910.

    Letter from William Hoffman to HMS, felicitating Stanley on the "birth" (sic) of his son, about his illness and the lack of comfort at the Station, "a few years ago it was a pleasure to work for the state but now day by day it's getting worse", rumours concerning Captain Philip H. B. F. Sa, Stanley Falls, 20-12-1896