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14 archives found for 'Rhodes, Cecil'
  • 36.

    JOURNAL "Vol. 3. Congo. 1885-1" (January 1885 - March 1898), red morocco, ink, 179 pp., large 4to

    Including notes regarding the Berlin Conference, the EPRE, Cecil Rhodes, the Stokes/Lothaire affair, Captain Salusbury
  • 85.

    LETTER BOOK containing sponge paper copies of letters by HMS (September 1891 - March 1893), 42 pp., on loose sheets, 4to

    Copy-letters from HMS to Alexander Low Bruce (2), W. A. Daw & Co. (2), Woodhouse, Trower, Freeling & Parkin (1), James B. Pond (1), Walter Trower (2), Thomas H. Parke (1), [?] (1), Friedrich-Arnold Schumacher (1), Rev. [?] (1), Leopold II (1), Cecil Rhodes (1), Beauchamp (1) and Comte Paul de Borchgrave (1)
  • 6647.

    Cecil J. Rhodes, 02-02-1897, s.l.
  • 388.

    Letter [with envelop] from HMS to Dorothy Tennant, "Describes want of sleep and exhaustion owing to noise and racket. Comments on Cecil Rhodes" (D.T.), Cape Town, 30-10-1897
  • 581.

    Letter from Alexander Low Bruce to HMS, showing relief on his return, about the British plan "to establish civilizing influences (…) from the Cape to Cairo right through the heart of Africa", mentioning Cecil Rhodes's anxiousness to meet him, on the political state of affairs in England, news, Edinburgh, 10-11-1889
  • 582.

    Letter from Alexander Low Bruce to HMS, expressing his desire to meet him in Egypt, list of points he wishes to discuss, his distrust of Cecil Rhodes, Abbey & Holyrood Breweries, Edinburgh, 03-02-1890
  • 600.

    Letter from Alexander Low Bruce to HMS, about the Barttelot-Jameson controversy, May French Sheldon going to East Africa, the undertaking of a railway from Mombasa to Lake Victoria, asking Stanley about his availability for the Board of the British East Africa Co. ("what is wanted is a King, a, Abbey & Holyrood Breweries, Edinburgh, 10-03-1891
  • 604.

    Letter from Alexander Low Bruce to HMS, about Stanley's broken ankle, his prospects for the railway from Mombasa to Nyanza [Lake Victoria], begging of Dorothy Tennant to exercise her "magic influence" over William Gladstone on this subject, complaining about the "parochial minded and never Imp, Dunbar, 09-08-1891
  • 689.

    Letter from Leopold II to HMS, on his meeting with Francis Lawley, the British opposition to the 1890 treaty of the Congo State with the IBEAC, asking Stanley on what terms he is with Cecil Rhodes, on the passing of arms into the interior of Africa, Brussels, 09-03-1893
  • 690.

    Letter [with envelop] from Leopold II to HMS, regarding British opposition to the 1890 treaty of the Congo State with the IBEAC, asking him to impress upon Cecil Rhodes the great value of this treaty, about the possibility of a rail line from the Upper Congo to the Upper Nile, Brussels, 14-03-1893
  • 1435.

    Letter from William Mackinnon to HMS, about his meeting with Cecil Rhodes, London, 20-12-1892
  • 312.

    Letter from Dorothy Tennant to HMS, discouraging him not to let himself be dazzled by any of Cecil Rhodes's "visionary schemes", Neath, South Wales, 27-10-1892
  • 2061.

    Letter from James Augustus Grant to HMS, recalling a former conflict between him and General Gordon, mentioning a rumour that Cecil Rhodes had asked Stanley to be Governor of Swaziland, London, 23-02-1890
  • 2165.

    Letter from Lionel Decle to HMS, on his alleged critcisims of the administration of the Congo Free State, his wish to attend the opening of the Congo railway, Suresnes Seine, 02-03-1898