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5 archives found for 'Vergé, Captain du'
  • 945.

    Letter from Colonel Strauch to HMS, regarding the problems at Vivi Station, the unfitness of Du Vergé, recommending Hanssens for the employment of chief of the station, begging him to explore the region between Philippeville and the right hand side of the Djoué, forwarding the list of fres, President of C.É.H.C. and A.I.A. 1878-85, A.I.H.C., Brussels, 01-12-1883
  • 947.

    Letter from Colonel Strauch to HMS, on the declaration of the President of the U.S. [Arthur Chester] concerning the A.I.C., resignation of Du Vergé, difference between Seymour Saulez and Colonel Haneuse, President of C.É.H.C. and A.I.A. 1878-85, A.I.H.C., Brussels, 10-12-1883
  • 1013.

    Letter from Eyre Massey Shaw (Second Chief Vivi Station) to HMS, regarding the conduct of Captain du Vergé, Expédition internationale du Haut-Congo, Vivi Station, 03-10-1883
  • 1014.

    Letter from Frederic John Goldsmid to HMS, regarding Captain du Vergé's resignation, Expédition internationale du Haut-Congo, Banana Point (Mouth of Congo River), 03-11-1883
  • 2076.

    Letter from Harry Hamilton Johnston to HMS, on his disagreeable complaint [i.e. gonorrhoea] having reached a painful stage, his meeting at Banana with the so-called American Consul du Vergé, mentioning a "pleasure trip" by Danckelmann into the interior, his visit to the Governor General of Angola, "Off Banana, on board S.S. Portugal", 17-06-1883